The Prairie Rapid Read Network

Have your patients’ results interpreted by a Prairie Cardiologist and sent to you within 48 hours or less.


The Prairie Rapid Read Network is your A secure, web-based solution for the reliable and rapid interpretation of your echocardiograms, echo and nuclear stress tests and vascular ultrasound procedures. Each year, over 10,000 tests are sent from 36 locations.


Exams and files are seamlessly transferred to our secure server. The transfer can include images, clips, demographic information, measurements, notes and other relevant digital data.


A team of Prairie cardiovascular specialists can immediately view and interpret tests from any Prairie Heart location in Illinois.



With auto-populating review worksheets, reports can easily be prepared, reviewed and completed in a matter of minutes.


Once interpreted, reports are automatically distributed to designated recipients via email, fax or PDF transfer.

Breaking away from constraints

The Prairie Rapid Read Network links directly to your Dicom-compatible echo/nuclear equipment and creates a pathway to directly upload studies to a Prairie Cardiologist immediately after testing. The study can then be interpreted by a Prairie Cardiologist and an interpretation sent to you within 48 hours or less (M-F).

Breaking away from the constraints of closed-end, high cost, local network PACS, Prairie Rapid Read offers a no-cost, secure and flexible system. The Prairie Rapid Read service integrates effortlessly into any existing workflow and optimizes your efficiency.

Accreditation and Reimbursement

The Rapid Read Lab and Technologies are ICAEL accredited. Medicare and other payers appear to be moving toward a requirement of accreditation of lab and/or sonographer in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

Why Prairie Rapid Read

We understand the objectives of our partners and the frustration caused by more traditional ultrasound and image exam management services.

Increased Efficiency

Increases efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry and provides a web accessible centralized management system for all of your diagnostic exams and reports.

Financial Flexibility

Prairie Rapid Read grows with your service by adjusting to increases (or decreases) in your exam volume. If you need assistance with hardware selection and pricing, just contact us and we’ll get you the help you need.

Improved Communication

Improves communication by allowing for the easy incorporation of local and remote medical professionals in your patient’s diagnosis and care plan execution.

Cost Effectiveness

By eliminating your current transcription and shipping fees, and DVD, VHS tape and CD expenses, as well as requiring no new hardware or pricey IT start-up expenses, Prairie Rapid Read provides a cost effective replacement for your current process.

Advanced Security

Your patient information is stored on a secure and encrypted server.

Image Quality

Prairie Rapid Read provides a method for third party evaluation of your technical quality.

Accreditation & Credentialing

Prairie Rapid Read’s unique reporting capabilities facilitate both lab accreditation and physician credentialing, and provide daily, weekly and monthly administrative reporting.

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