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Theodore R. Addai, M.D.

Specialty: Cardiology Subspecialty: Echo/Nuclear/Non-Invasive Vascular
Full-Time Clinic Location: Decatur
Outreach Clinic: Mattoon

“Cardiology is at the heart of medicine. It is a field that is rapidly advancing and constantly finding new ways to help people with heart trouble. My greatest satisfaction as a Cardiologist comes when I see a patient with a heart condition feel better and do well.”

Luis J. Caceres, M.D.

Specialty: Cardiology Subspecialty: Biventricular Pacemakers & Defribrillators/Echo/Nuclear/Non-Invasive Vascular
Full-Time Clinic Location: Decatur
Outreach Clinic: Arthur, Mattoon, Pana & Sullivan

“Medicine is the art of healing patients. Knowledge and techonology, together with empathy, listening and comfort return patients to a normal life. Heart disease is often a life changing event. Excellence in cardiovascular care reaches far beyond hospitals and doctors’ offices. Saving a patient’s life during a heart attack is a great reward, but prevention of heart disease is even more rewarding..”

Jack J. Hall, M.D.

Specialty: Cardiology Subspecialty: Interventional Cardiology
Full-Time Clinic Location: Decatur
Outreach Clinic:

“I take a very personal and compassionate approach in caring for my patients. It takes the combined effort of our dedicated physicians, nurses, assistants, office staff, administrators and volunteers to make it all work. “Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our combined effort.” – Walt Disney. This is what I believe Prairie is about.”

Jeanne Marie Kairouz, M.D.

Specialty: Cardiology Subspecialty: Non-Invasive
Full-Time Clinic Location: Decatur
Outreach Clinic: Highland

“We are all human. We all experience joys and sorrows. Our lives are subject to our own stresses, whether it be at work or in the home. Each of us has a history beyond the ink on a page, and it is this part of the human condition that makes us unique. What I have found at Prairie Cardiovascular is a dedication to the patient beyond a chart, beyond the illness; there is a commitment to the person.”

Manohar Kola, M.D.

Specialty: Cardiology Subspecialty: Electrophysiology
Full-Time Clinic Location: Decatur
Outreach Clinic:

“Cardiology is a field surrounded by high technology, but I feel the most important aspect of treatment is truly caring for patients. Touching patients’ lives and communicating with them regarding all aspects of their care…that’s the essence of what I do.”

Kris Patel, M.D.

Specialty: Cardiology Subspecialty: Echo/Nuclear/Non-Invasive Vascular
Full-Time Clinic Location: Decatur
Outreach Clinic:

“When it comes to patient care, my mantra is to be the patient’s advocate… to provide effective, personalized care…and when necessary, to use the skills of the extraordinarily talented specialists at Prairie Cardiovascular.”

Brenda Eden, APN
Shaylon Grant, NP
Fidel Mata, PA-C
Ellen Zindel, NP
Deanna Wallace, NP

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